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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 11/19/2018
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meetings; the copies of this proposal shall be made available free of charge to those who are entitled to attend meetings.
This shall be stated in the convocation advertisement.
Upon dissolution, the liquidation of the company shall be effected by the Board of Directors, unless the general meeting has designated other liquidators.
The remainder of the company's assets after payment of all debts and the costs of the liquidation shall be distributed as follows:
first, the holders of the preferred shares shall be paid the nominal amount paid on their preferred shares, increased by (i) any deficit in the payment of dividend as referred to in article 22 paragraph 2 and (ii) an amount equal to the percentage referred to in article 22 paragraph 2 on the compulsory amount paid on the preferred shares, calculated over the period starting on the first day of the last full financial year prior to the liquidation and ending on the day of the payment on preferred shares as referred to in this article, with due observance of the fact that any and all dividends and/or other distributions paid on the preferred shares relating to such period shall be deducted from the payment as referred to in this subparagraph;
the remainder shall be paid to the holders of ordinary shares, in proportion to the number of ordinary shares that each party owns.
During the liquidation, the provisions of the articles of association shall remain in force in as much as possible.