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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 11/19/2018
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These votes, in order to be valid, must be cast by a holder of voting rights on the record date and may not be cast earlier than on the record date.
Article 26.    
Each share shall confer the right to cast one vote.
Insofar as the law or these articles of association do not prescribe a larger majority, resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority of votes cast in a meeting where at least one third of the outstanding shares are represented.
The chairman of the meeting determines the method of voting, which includes oral, written or electronic voting.
In the event of the election of persons, anyone entitled to vote may demand that voting shall take place by written ballot.
Voting by written ballot shall take place by means of sealed, unsigned ballot papers.
In the event the votes tie, the issue shall be decided by drawing lots, if it involves a proposal pertaining to individuals.
If it concerns matters, the proposal shall be rejected in the event the votes tie.
Blank votes and invalid votes shall be considered as not having been cast.
Meetings of holders of preferred shares
Article 27.    
Meetings of holders of preferred shares are held as frequently as a resolution is required by the meeting in question and as frequently as is deemed desirable by the Board of Directors, or by one or more holder(s) of preferred shares.
The provision of articles 23 through 26 apply mutatis mutandis, this with the exceptions that (i) the convocation shall be effected no later than the eighth day preceding the meeting, (ii) the meeting arranges the chairmanship shall not apply and (iii) the convocation will be affected by means of a notice of the meeting at the addresses of the holders of preferred shares listed in the shareholders' register or to the extent the holder of preferred shares consents thereto, he/she may be notified by a legible message sent electronically to the address that he/she has given to the company for this purpose.
Amendments to the articles of association, legal merger, demerger, dissolution and liquidation
Article 28.    
On proposal of the Board of Directors, the general meeting may resolve to amend the company's articles, to conclude a legal merger (juridische fusie) or a demerger (splitsing), or to dissolve the company.
The full proposal shall be available at the offices of the company from the day of the convocation to the general meeting until the close of same for inspection by those who are entitled to attend