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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 11/19/2018
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as from the day of issue, until the day of repayment without prejudice to the provisions of article 2:105 paragraph 4 Dutch Civil Code.
In the event that in a financial year the profit or the distributable reserves (as the case may be) are not sufficient to make the distributions meant above in this article, the provisions above shall apply over the following financial years until the deficit has been cleared;
Secondly, the Board of Directors shall determine which part of the profits remaining after application of the first bullet shall be reserved.
The part of the profits not reserved, shall be at the disposal of the general meeting.
The Board of Directors may make interim distributions only to the extent that the requirements set forth in paragraph 1 above are satisfied as apparent from an (interim) financial statement drawn up in accordance with the law.
The Board of Directors may decide that a distribution on shares is not made entirely or partly in cash, but rather in shares in the company.
On proposal of the Board of Directors the general meeting may decide to make payments to holders of shares from the distributable part of the shareholders' equity.
Any claim a shareholder may have to a distribution shall lapse after five years, to be computed from the day on which such a distribution becomes payable.
General meetings
Article 23.    
The annual general meeting shall be held every year within six months of the end of the financial year, in which shall, in any event, be considered:
the consideration of the annual report;
the adoption of the annual accounts;
any other matters put forward by the Board of Directors and announced pursuant to this article.
In the event the period preparing the annual accounts as set forth in article 21 paragraph 2 of these articles of association is extended in conformity with applicable law, the matters indicated in the previous sentence will be dealt with in a general meeting to be held no later than one month after the extension.
General meetings will be held in Amsterdam, Baarlo, Venlo, The Hague, Rotterdam, Haarlemmermeer (Schiphol) or in Deventer.
General meetings shall be convened by the Board of Directors in the manner and with reference to the applicable provisions of the legislation and applicable stock exchange regulations and with consideration of the applicable terms.