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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 11/19/2018
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The company shall ensure that, as of the day on which a general meeting at which they are to be considered, is called, the annual accounts, the annual report and the additional information to be provided pursuant to article 2:392 paragraph 1 Dutch Civil Code are available for examination by those entitled to attend meetings.
The company shall make copies of the documents referred to in the previous sentence available free of charge to those entitled to attend meetings.
If these documents are amended, this obligation shall also extend to the amended documents.
The annual accounts shall be adopted by the general meeting.
The annual accounts shall not be adopted if the general meeting is unable to take cognizance of the certificate as referred to in paragraph 3 of this article, unless, together with the remaining information as referred to in article 2:392 Dutch Civil Code, a legitimate ground is given why the certificate is lacking.
After the proposal to adopt the annual accounts has been dealt with, the proposal will be made to the general meeting to discharge the members of the Board of Directors in respect of their conduct of management and their supervision thereon during the relevant financial year insofar this appears from the annual accounts.
The company shall be obliged to make its annual accounts publicly available at the Trade Register.
Allocations of profit
Article 22.    
The company may make distributions to the shareholders and other persons entitled to the distributable profits only to the extent that the company's shareholders' equity exceeds the sum of the paid-in capital and the reserves which it is required by law to maintain.
From the profits as they appear from the annual accounts:
first of all, on the preferred shares a dividend will be distributed to the amount of a percentage on the amount paid on those shares, which equals twelve months 'EURIBOR', as published by De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. - calculated according to the number of days the rate applied - during the financial year to which the distribution relates, increased by a premium to be determined by the Board of Directors in line with market conditions per the date of the first issue of the preferred shares with a maximum of five hundred basis points.
If and to the extent that the profit is not sufficient to fully make a distribution meant afore in this paragraph, the deficit shall be paid from the reserves.
In case of cancellation with repayment of preferred shares, on the day of repayment a distribution shall be made on the cancelled preferred shares, which distribution shall be calculated to the extent possible in accordance with the provision referred to above and with regard to the current financial year to be calculated time wise over the period from the first day of the current financial year, or if the preferred shares have been issued after such day,