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CIMPRESS N.V. filed this Form 8-K on 11/19/2018
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The general meeting shall determine in the authorization the number and class of shares that may be acquired, how they may be acquired and the price range.
The authorization is not required for the acquisition of shares on a stock market in order to transfer them to employees of the company or of a group company pursuant to a scheme applicable to such employees.
For the purposes of subparagraph a of paragraph 3, the amount of the shareholders' equity according to the last adopted balance sheet shall be reduced by the acquisition price of shares in the capital of the company, the amount of loans as described in article 2:98c paragraph 2 Dutch Civil Code and distributions to others from profits or reserves which may have become due by the company and its subsidiaries after the balance sheet date. If more than six months have elapsed since the commencement of the financial year, and no annual accounts have been adopted, then an acquisition in accordance with paragraph 3 above shall not be permitted.
The company may only take its own shares in pledge in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions.
The company is not entitled to any distributions from shares in its own capital.
In the calculation of the distribution of profits, the shares referred to in the previous sentence are not counted unless there is a right of usufruct or right of pledge on such shares, and if the pledgee is entitled to the distributions on the shares for the benefit of a party other than the company.
At the general meeting no vote may be cast for shares held by the company or a subsidiary.
Usufructuaries or pledgees of shares that belong to the company or a subsidiary are, however, not excluded from exercising their right to vote if the right of usufruct or right of pledge was created before the share belonged to the company or a subsidiary.
The company or a subsidiary cannot cast a vote for a share on which it has a right of usufruct.
In determining the extent to which the shareholders vote, are present or represented, or the extent to which the share capital is provided or represented, the shares on which, by law, no vote may be cast shall not be taken into account.
The preceding paragraphs shall not apply to shares which the company acquires
for no consideration; or
by universal succession of title (verkrijging onder algemene titel).
The term 'shares' as used in this article shall include depositary receipts issued for shares.
Article 8.    
The company may not provide collateral, guarantee the price, otherwise guarantee or bind itself jointly or severally with or for third parties, for the purpose of the subscription or acquisition by third parties of shares in its capital.